Freaking power outtages

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Freaking power outtages

Post  NoNameBrand on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:42 am

Just have to vent. Two Saturdays I meant to do modeling and .car tweaks on three releases (Corvettes & Mustang updates, Vanquish GT3 1.0), and instead two consecutive Saturdays spent sussing out whether or not I had dead or dying hard drives or other hardware. Both days started with kernel panics trying to mount dropped disks on my eSATA card.

Last week it was simply a lose power connector from when I turned the enclosure off or on during and after the Friday night power outtage (no sense in draining the UPS when the computer is off). I figured that out after I had pulled my computer apart and stuck the drive in the G5 to run fsck on it, found no problems there or with the SMART status. Put it back the way it was, no problems. Time Machine is alive and well.

This afternoon, my computer told me about a.) eSATA reconfiguration changes, click OK when done; and b.) 'Imporper device removal'). Sure enough, my Music volume was gone. Attempts to remount it caused kernel panics. This turned out to be a dead power supply on the enclosure. $225 later I've got the dual enclosure replaced and a new 1TB drive to back-up my formerly un-backed up games and media. The thought of re-ripping my CDs and re-installing my games filled me full of dread. (My creative output, including 3D models and .psds for Redline, remains backed up via Time Machine, SuperDuper! and Mozy).


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Re: Freaking power outtages

Post  See Flat on Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:02 am

I know your pain. Courage... it's only once in a while.
See Flat

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